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MMS Session: Migrating From Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012

If you are at MMS next week, be sure to check out my session with fellow MVP Kent Agerlund. Our session is on Tuesday. If you are in the process of migration from ConfigMgr 2007 to 2012, or haven’t done the upgrade yet, this is a session you won’t want to miss while we show you all the tricks you’ll need to know for a successful upgrade!

Details about our session.

Session Abstract:

In this session, learn the best tips and tricks for Configuration Manager 2012 migrations. This session is based on experiences and best practices from having done more than 20 migration projects. During this you will learn how to prepare both environments for migration and common issues you need to know about. During the session you will learn how to plan for object migration, including packages, task sequences, software updates, reports and best practices for client migrations.


MMS 2012: CD-B351 Configuration Manager 2007 R3: Simplify Your Deployments Demo Content

Kent Agerlund and I spoke last week at MMS 2012. We had great feedback from the people that attended and we were the #1 session for Monday. Thank you to everyone who attended, we’re happy to share our knowledge!

Kent posted all the content we demo’d in our session. In addition I’ve also linked everything below. Please let us know if we missed anything that we demo’d.

Scripts and utilities that we demonstrated

Script to remove expired updates from you distribution points and update packages
Example used in the session:
cscript.exe DeleteExpiredUpdates.vbs /SMSProvider:CM01 /PkgID:"A010000E" /AssignmentID:"1;2;3;4;5;6;7;

Coretech Shutdown Utility to control computer restarts after patching
Example used in the session:
/t:300 /m:60 /d: “You computer has not been restarted for a week\” /f /c /ebM:168

Script (ConfigMgr package) to uninstall software updates
Example used in the session:
cscript.exe UninstallUpdates.vbs 976902

Coretech Application Creator:
Example used in the session: Created a pacakge, collection, 2 programs, 2 collections and 2 Active Directory security groups

Change source location:
Example used in the session: Modified source location for packages prior to migrating packages to ConfigMgr 2012


Reports to list last computer restart for Windows 7 clients:

SELECT os.Caption0 AS ‘Operating System’, cs.Name0 AS Name, DATEDIFF(hour, os.LastBootUpTime0, ws.LastHWScan) AS ‘Uptime (in Hours)’, CONVERT(varchar(20),
os.LastBootUpTime0, 100) AS ‘Last Reboot Date/Time’, CONVERT(varchar(20), ws.LastHWScan, 100) AS ‘Last Hardware Inventory’
v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM AS cs ON cs.ResourceID = os.ResourceID
WHERE (os.Caption0 LIKE ‘%Windows 7%’) AND (ws.LastHWScan <> 0) AND (cs.Name0 IS NOT NULL)


Downloading MMS 2012 Sessions for Viewing

Whether you attended MMS or not, you can view all the sessions for free here.  Stefan Roth has created a great PowerShell script that will go out and download all the sessions you want. 

Read his post and download the script here.

Great work Stefan!


MMS 2012 – Turns out I will be speaking!

I’m going to helping out Kent Agerlund with his presentation.  Below is the session summary.

CD-B351 Configuration Manager 2007 R3: Review and Simplify Your Deployments

Join Kent Agerlund and Chris Nackers, two of the world’s foremost Configuration Manager experts in a dazzling session on how to get your existing Configuration Manager 2007 to work with you and be the super cool system management solution you always hoped it would be. In this session Kent & Michael will share their notes from the field along with tips & tricks on how to get your Software Distribution, Software Updates and Operating System Deployments to work the way you always wanted them work. Learn about common issues and their workarounds, designing the main feature sets and much more. Be prepared to learn new methods to manage your environments and expect a session packed with demos.


Getting Approval For MMS 2012–Cost Justification

Every year people struggle to attend MMS.  Chris Stauffer has put together a couple really nice documents that help to explain why you should attend MMS and some alternatives for hotels to help reduce costs.   Another reason why the myITforum community is so great!

Hope to see you at MMS!

Download here or click on the post title:  Chris Stauffer’s MMS 2012 management approval docs (includes hotel pricing)


MMS 2011–Wrap Up

I’m back from MMS 2011 and back to the grind. My session with Michael Niehaus (BE31) on MDT 2010 Integration with ConfigMgr went well and we received great feedback.  It was also fun to participate in the Deployment Gameshow when Michael needed a partner in crime on stage.  There was a lot of great content and I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD to review some of the sessions and watch a few that I didn’t have the opportunity to attend.

It was also great to see old faces and meet plenty of new faces as well. I had a number of people coming up to me that knew me from the myITforum community, and it’s great to see that people are finding value in the community.

I think I picked up about 100 new twitter followers (@chrisnack) due to my coverage of sessions using the MMS Twitter hashtags. #MMS2011 and #MMSxxxx (session ID), for example #MMSBE31.!/search/mms2011

I’ve also taken a break from blogging this month with everything I had going on and trying to get ready to present at MMS 2011, so no worries, I’ll be back at it soon enough Smile 

Keith Garner called me out in one of his sessions, so I owe a blog post for his session (BE32), I’ll try to get that up in the next few weeks.!/search?q=%23mmsbe32


Microsoft Management Summit 2010

I’m currently in Las Vegas this week attending MMS 2010.  There has been some some fantastic content surrounding Configuration Manager V.Next.  Very interesting what they will be doing with that product.  This conference is hands down one of the best conferences you can attend for technical information for Microsoft System Center products.

Also had some great discussions around MDT last night during 2 Birds of a Feather sessions, the first one was a Ask the Experts: MDT 2010 with Michael Niehaus, also attending were Tim Mintner, Johan Arwidmark and Ben Hunter. Following that session, I hosted a Open Forum: MDT/OSD and we also had some great discussions surrounding MDT/OSD and Image creating best practices.  As usual we ran out of time, there is just never enough time to discuss OSD/MDT!

Michael and Johan put on a fantastic presentation today on Driver Management called “A Drivers Saga – The Control Freak Meets the Dynamic Developer”, they showed both management in MDT 2010 LTI, along with ConfigMgr and the associated pains :)  Johan gave me a nice plug for my post on driver management.  So I really appreciated that.  There are many ways to manage drivers with ConfigMgr and for us, the hybrid solution works really well and kind of gives you the best of both worlds.

Also announced today was Configuration Manager R3 beta, read more here.

Well that’s about all for now, I’m sure I’ll have more to post after a few more sessions.